04. Slogan/Tagline Development

  • Digitalscape

A good corporate slogan should communicate a company's philosophy or stance in terse, accessible language. Ideally, the slogan should also function as a tagline to the corporate mark, giving it greater depth of meaning and, in combination, expressing the very essence of the firm.

By that token, a good slogan should function both on a linguistic level and on a visual/semiotic level. Bravis's designers and brand consultants work closely together to create slogans that do both.

Slogan/Tagline Development Case Study: Digitalscape
Digitalscape is an employment agency that specializes in placing creators and engineers in the entertainment-oriented areas of IT (computer games, animation etc.). Digitalscape asked Bravis to create a corporate slogan that would effectively communicate the company to all its stakeholders: employees, temp staff and clients.

Since 'creativity' was a key value for all the stakeholders, we developed the corporate slogan: 'Your Creativity is Our Priority.' Thanks to the symmetry of 'Your'/'Our' and 'Creativity'/'Priority,' the slogan has striking visual balance. At the same time, since Digitalscape's business is all about people, we modified the letter 'i' (which occurs five times in the slogan) to resemble the Japanese ideogram of 'person' (人) and used it as a charming standalone design element.

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