11-2. Retail and Environment Design

  • Caffe Leggero

Brands only truly take root in the public consciousness when people experience them in a multi-sensory way. To achieve this, Bravis is committed to designing retail spaces as 'arenas of brand experience.'

We can design everything from a standalone boutique to store design systems for chain stores or fast food restaurants. The first step is to design the brand identity since brand identity always forms the core of store design. Integrating graphic elements like the brand logo and the brand color into the store design template is what turns a store into an 'arena of brand experience' for the consumer.

Retail and Environment Design Case Study III: Caffe Leggero
Caffe Leggero is an eat-in café developed by Mos Food Service, the company behind the popular Mosburger chain of hamburger restaurants. Bravis did everything from developing the name and brand identity to consulting on the store design. The store concept was 'a stylish place which you could casually drop into for a relaxing time.' The 'Leggero' name (from the Italian for 'light') evokes this casual, easy-going mood.

The store design was based around two key elements of the brand identity: the brand logo--two hands clasped around a cup--and the chic dark green brand color. Every store thus became a space where the public could 'feel' the brand. The impression of 'living the Caffe Leggero life' was further reinforced through mugs, paper bags and other items designed around the brand identity.

When designing a chain with numerous outlets, it is important to develop a basic store design and a store design system with clear rules. This ensures that the public will form the same impression of the brand whichever store they happen to visit. Having a design system also cuts the time needed to design the individual stores and helps with rapid rollout of a store concept.

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