02. Brand Strategy Development

  • Slimwalk

Bravis develops brand strategies based on an exhaustive process of research and analysis. We always identify the problems a brand is facing and establish clear project methodologies and goals before crafting a carefully tailored strategy.

Package Design Development Case Study: Slimwalk
Pip Inc.'s SLIMWALK is Japan's leading compression hosiery brand. With pressure from competitors on the rise, Pip decided that the time was right to refresh the brand and further expand its audience. They turned to Bravis. We saw renewing the product packaging as the key to the galvanization of the brand, but the first step we took was to carry out extensive surveys of what the competitors were up to and how all the different brands looked on store shelves.

We presented the client with the following three recommendations for their package design.

  1. Clarify Your Brand Equity

Strengthen the link between product and consumer by creating brand equity--consistent design elements like a brand color, brand logo and graphic format. This will make it easier for consumers to recognize and recall the brand.

  1. Design Your Packaging for Maximum In-Store Visibility

Use the same brand equity elements on all the packaging. This will boost the brand's in-store visibility. A more striking presence will make the product easier for repeat users to find and more appealing to new customers.

  1. Brand All Sides of Your Package

Use the brand equity elements on all faces of the package, not just the front. No matter how the product is displayed on the shelf, the SLIMWALK brand will always be projecting itself at the customer.

The brand equity we developed consisted of three core design elements: the brand logo (SLIMWALK); the brand color (SLIMWALK red); and the wavy red ribbon. All the products in the range featured these same elements. We placed the brand equity elements in the upper part of the package, while using the lower part for a photograph and an icon that describe each individual product. The overall design communicates the SLIMWALK brand while also appealing to the consumer with practical explanations of the benefits they can expect from the products.

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