• All Raisin/Harvest Chocolate Bar1
All Raisin/Harvest Chocolate Bar1

All Raisin/Harvest Chocolate Bar


With their handy small size and delicious taste, these chocolate bars from snack foods manufacturer Tohato were quick to establish a strong market presence.

Both bars are extensions based on popular and trusted brands. All Raisin is originally a cookie crammed with authentic chewy raisins, while Harvest is a thin biscuit loved for its crunchiness and sesame taste.

Bravis made sure to retain the key elements of the two products' brand equity: the personified word 'All' in the case of All Raisin (note the eyes and mouth in the letter 'A') and the smiley face of Harvest. We also took care that the package had the casual on-the-go feel appropriate for a chocolate bar. Note how the cross-section picture communicates the chocolatiness, taste and texture of the bars in the most straightforward way possible.

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