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Harvest Series


A Biscuit to Smile About
Snack foods and confectionery manufacturer Tohato was founded in 1952. The Harvest brand of biscuits was launched in 1978. With its distinctive smiley face logo, it is popular with both children and adults.

Harvest biscuits most distinctive feature is their thinness. Only 3 millimeters thick, they have a delightfully crisp and crunchy texture.

Tohato wanted to reinforce this already strong brand not only by improving the quality of the product itself but also by boosting values like 'friendliness' and 'sense of fun.'

Creative Response
Our straightforward solution to upping the fun and friendly quotient was to increase the number of smiley face elements from one to two, while also thickening the line of the mouth to make the smile more noticeable. The addition of windows above and below the logo to make the product visible, gave movement to the design creating a fun and pop look.

- Package Design
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