• All Raisin Series: Minimocchi Raisin, Minimocchi Banana1
All Raisin Series: Minimocchi Raisin, Minimocchi Banana1

All Raisin Series: Minimocchi Raisin, Minimocchi Banana


A Brand to Chew on
Snack manufacturer Tohato's All Raisin cookie brand has roots that stretch back to 1972. Minimocchi Raisin and Minimocchi Banana are a new kind of chewy, bite-size fruit cookie with tons of fruit inside an unusually springy pastry. ('Mochimochi' in Japanese means chewy, hence the product name.) With their small size and cube shape, Minimocchi are positioned as the perfect snack for children on the go.

When Tohato asked Bravis to carry out an overhaul of the All Raisin brand in February 2010, one key overall aim was to target it more precisely at a younger age group. The company hoped to win greater recognition and sales from young people between 10 and 20 years old.

Creative Response
With Minimocchi, Bravis had to be sure to communicate the character of what was a completely new product category.

We developed a mascot character for the brand as part of the package design. Minimocchi (top center) has a very distinctive look: a squishy head, big eyes and a squiggly mouth that's busily chewing away. The rounded, springy characters of the logo likewise act to communicate the chewiness of the product in a charming, non-verbal way.

Lavish color illustrations of raisins and bananas at top and bottom project real fruit appeal. The design also includes 'All-chan,' an anthropomorphized version of the 'All' in the product name ('All-chan' was created as part of the overall All Raisin brand renewal).

All in all this is a dynamic, colorful and cute package precisely tailored to the younger consumer.

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