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Toyota Housing

Toyota Housing

Happy Families
Toyota Home is a part of the Toyota group producing a range of detached houses that customers can have assembled on site. The use of the word 'home' in the company name is deliberate: Toyota's aim is not simply to build houses, but special places that families can really feel at home in. Toyota wanted a new corporate mark to express their unique philosophy.

Creative Response
Taking the idea of a happy family as a starting point, Bravis devised a symbol which works on two levels. First, it represents the family unit ? father, mother and children ? whose life is enriched by the comfortable environment of their Toyota home; second, it represents the three-way relationship between (1) the customer, (2) the Toyota Home sales offices/the house builders, and (3) Toyota Home and its parent Toyota Motors. Bright colors are used to convey the joy and delight of young families able to move into their own detached house for the first time.

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