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Balsamic Vinegar1

Balsamic Vinegar

Uchibori Vinegar

Uchihori is a specialist vinegar maker based in Gifu prefecture whose roots stretch back to 1876.

Bravis designed the packaging for the balsamic vinegar in Uchihori's Sanchi Gentei ('limited edition place of origin') series. Made in Japan from local ingredients, Uchihori's balsamic vinegar is a 'remix' designed to complement Japanese food as much as Italian or French dishes.

For the base color we used a deep brown, the same color as the vinegar itself. The main graphic on the right of the label consist of two yellow barrels. They remind the consumer that the vinegar has been matured in wooden barrels. The combination of brown and yellow together with the graphic project a sense of timeless quality. The design is accessible and soothing, managing to look comfortingly traditional and intriguingly novel all at once.

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