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Uni President(Taiwan)

Uni-President, the largest food manufacturer in Taiwan, wanted to create a new brand in the dessert category and turned to Bravis to develop the new identity and the package design of a line of puddings.

The identity Bravis created was designed to communicate not only high quality, but also the human warmth of a delicious home-made dessert. The stylish but hand-written brand identity was deliberately chosen to evoke a 'hand-made' atmosphere, while the spoon motif is a symbol that communicates the dessert category simply and directly. The gold which is used throughout suggests a sense of well-being and luxurious high quality, while the beige color that surrounds the logo makes the black lettering of the typeface stand out all the more strongly.

Uni-President was keen for their pudding products to have a design similar to those in use on the Japanese market, hence the placing of Japanese text beneath the product name. Including the sizzle of the pudding makes it clear to the consumer what is inside the package and increases the likelihood of their reaching out to pick one off the shelves.

- Brand Identity
- Package Design
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