• 7-SELECT H20 Lightweight Bottle1
7-SELECT H20 Lightweight Bottle1

7-SELECT H20 Lightweight Bottle

Uni President(Taiwan)

Uni-President is a Taiwanese company that owns the 7-Eleven convenience store franchise in Taiwan and some other parts of Greater China.

H20 Lightweight Bottle was launched as part of 7-Eleven's 7-SELECT private label brand. Interest in sustainable lifestyles (or LOHAS: Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability) is on the rise in Taiwan, and the philosophy behind this product was to minimize the environmental impact of its packaging by the use of lightweight materials.

The label, which features leaves of a gentle green floating on a pure white background, evokes cleanliness and refreshment. It also includes an explanation of the LOHAS concept in English. There is even a pink icon instructing consumers to crush the bottle before throwing it away. Every aspect of the design works to communicate that the product concept of consideration for the environment.

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