• Taiwan Meicha Series1
Taiwan Meicha Series1

Taiwan Meicha Series

Uni President(Taiwan)

Uni-President is Taiwan's largest food group. It is particularly strong in the manufacture and sale of instant noodles and drinks. It also operates the 7-Eleven convenience store franchise in Taiwan and other parts of Greater China.

7-Eleven Taiwan produced the Taiwan Meicha ('famous teas of Taiwan') series. All the teas in the series are made from 100% Taiwan-grown tealeaves.

One of the varieties in the series was Wun Shan Pouchong Tea. A kind of lightly fermented oolong tea which tastes similar to Japanese green tea, it is very popular in Taiwan thanks to its unusually sweet and flowery smell. (A brief explanation of the tea's name: Wun Shan is the region where the tea grows, while Pouchong refers to the way the tea leaves used to be wrapped up for shipping.)

To evoke a sense of quiet stillness we used black as the background color. We then decorated this with a flower pattern, while using gold lettering and a gold bar for the product name and product series name, respectively, to project a sense of quality. The tealeaves floating in tea on the base give the consumer the sense of seeing into the bottle--and make for a highly unique design.

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