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Uni President(Taiwan)

Uni-President is a Taiwanese food group that owns the 7-Eleven convenience store franchise in Taiwan and some parts of Greater China. This line of 100% fruit juices was launched as part of 7-Eleven's Kogonojo ('Sunshine Farm') brand which is all about fresh, natural goodness.

The Deli Fresh logo is designed to evoke the ring left on a delicatessen table by the bottom of a glass. It is given a touch of charm and movement by the addition of two small leaves (on the top right). The slightly rough and uneven typography projects an image of natural and authentic simplicity.

The clump of fruits at the base of the bottle look temptingly tasty at the same time as letting the consumer know that this is a mixed juice drink. The clear glass used for the bottle means that the juice itself is visible in its entirety. Combined with the green bottle top, the whole package projects an atmosphere of light, natural refreshment.

- Package Design
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