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Uni President(Taiwan)

Uni-President is a Taiwanese food group that owns the 7-Eleven convenience store franchise in Taiwan. This Takeout Drink from 7-Eleven was designed to reproduce two popular features of Taiwanese takeout drinks--the ability to adjust the level of sweetness and quantity of ice to individual taste and the ability to mix two or more different drinks together in a shaker--in a readymade drink.

The series was divided into two broad categories. One was tea-based with various added ingredients to create a 'customized tea'; the other featured jelly and tapioca to create a thick, chewy drink that was drunk through a thick straw.

The concept for the design was based on the blackboards with handwritten menus that can be seen in Taiwanese takeout drink shops.

The background of the label is a blackboard covered in varicolored writing. The main visual is a delicious-looking freshly made drink together with a cocktail shaker to explain what sort of drink this is. Overall the package design successfully evokes the fresh and casual feel of a Taiwanese storefront.

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