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Bread Series1

Bread Series

Uni President(Taiwan)

Too Much Bread
Uni-President is a large Taiwanese food company which operates the 7-Eleven convenience store franchise in Taiwan.

In the 7-Eleven stores, so many types of bread products were in competition on the store shelves that consumers were getting confused. In response Uni-President decided to rethink everything about its bread offering from the sizes and shapes of the product to their arrangement on the store shelf. It also asked Bravis to develop a brand for a new series of bread products.

We were presented with three guidelines: one, the bread should be visible through the package; two, the package design should be straightforward and easy to understand; three, the packaging should look attractive when displayed in the store.

Creative Response
To fulfill the brief, we created the same package for all the items in the range. The top half was transparent while the bottom half was semi-transparent white. The transparent part clearly showed the product, while the semi-transparent part concealed any unsightly breadcrumbs and projected a sense of cleanliness and hygiene.

Against this whitish base we used a palette of natural ingredients (colors like gold, brown, beige and white) to create individualized labels for the different items.

While there were distinctive tweaks for the packaging of the premium, standard-price and family lines of products, overall they presented a consistent look with natural tones on the shelf.

- Package Design
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