• Taiwan 7-Eleven O-nigiri Series1
Taiwan 7-Eleven O-nigiri Series1

Taiwan 7-Eleven O-nigiri Series

Uni President(Taiwan)

Japanese filled rice balls are called 'o-nigiri.' They come in a variety of shapes: triangles, squares and cylinders. Taiwan is a country in love with all things Japanese, but in Taiwan 7-Eleven, the o-nigiri section offered such overwhelming variety that shoppers were getting confused.

Bravis was asked to help rectify the situation by developing the branding for a new o-nigiri series. Our task was to organize the information on the product label to create a simpler and more 'readable' design. Applying this approach across the whole o-nigiri line would bring coherence and order to the store shelves.

We created a standardized label format featuring the product name in handwritten lettering on a background of Japanese paper framed by strips of bamboo bark.

There were two types of o-nigiri packaging, transparent and non-transparent. For the o-nigiri wrapped in transparent paper, our approach was to show as much of the product as possible; for those in non-transparent packaging we used large photographs to showcase the contents in an appetizing and direct manner. We presented key information such as the price and the heating time as colored icons. Everything we did was designed to eliminate uncertainty from the mind of the consumer.

While the choice of o-nigiri on sale remains extensive (regular type, those with extra filling, those with deluxe ingredients etc.) differences in color and design make it easy to for consumers to distinguish between the varieties. At the same time, the o-nigiri corner overall now presents a coherent and easy-to-understand appearance.

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