Uni President(Taiwan)

Uni-President is a Taiwan-based conglomerate. One of its divisions developed KISSUI, a skincare brand targeting intelligent women interested in natural living.

Bravis developed the entire brand, from creating the name to designing the logo and the packaging for the facial mask, the first product in the KISSUI skincare series. The KISSUI name comes from the Japanese word for 'purity,' the English word 'kiss' and the Japanese word 'sui' (water, moisture). It evokes transparent, moist, feminine skin.

The package consists of a charming gleaming silver background decorated with a white floral pattern to suggest the abundance and kindness of nature. The circular KISSUI logo in the center is a composite built up from icons of water, flowers and plants--all the natural things that help feed and moisten skin. The overall effect is light and simple and completely in tune with the product concept of 'Natural Beauty from Mother Nature.'

- Brand Identity
- Name Creation
- Package Design
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