• A-Ha Café Latte1
A-Ha Café Latte1

A-Ha Café Latte

Uni President(Shang-hai)

Shanghai Uni-President, a group company of Taiwanese food giant Uni-president, launched A-Ha Café Latte in Mainland China. As coffee is still far from a mainstream drink in China, the brief was to communicate the key concept of 'coffee as a delicious and fashionable beverage' in the most direct manner.

Bravis created a two-tone package with the white upper third representing lashings of creamy milk and the lower two-thirds representing the coffee.

The two beans beneath the brand name send a message of commitment to quality ingredients. The golden stamp at the bottom right reinforced this message of quality. The overall design holds out the promise of a new, stylish 'café latte lifestyle.'

- Package Design
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