• Sofy (for Mainland China)1
Sofy (for Mainland China)1

Sofy (for Mainland China)


Having spent many years working with Uni-Charm to create packaging for the domestic market, Bravis has now started to create packaging for this brand in China. Although the speed with which information is disseminated has resulted in something of a convergence in Japanese and Chinese consumer tastes in recent years, the markets themselves, and the competitors active in them, remain different. It is therefore crucially important to consult local staff and make proper use of market research when creating or adapting package design for China and other new markets in Asia.

Sofy is a very major brand presence in China, so Bravis took care to retain all the reassuring, reliable qualities of the overall brand even when communicating the different properties of the various products in the line-up. Also, since in China products tend to be displayed on extremely large shelves on a brand-by-brand basis, we used a standardized format--pink for day use and dark blue for night use--as part of a strategy for building a powerful collective visual presence in stores.

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