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Originally a house builder, Yamahisa Inc. wanted to celebrate 20 years in its secondary core business of pet care, by a comprehensive reconstruction of the PETIO business brand in order to raise brand awareness and brand value, and also boost its brand image. The project included a redesign of all packaging.

Bravis first created a brand platform to act as the foundation for the brand mission. Working from this base, we comprehensively rebuilt the brand creating a slogan, a logo, new packaging and a new web site design, as well as a brand identity system, package design system, and design system manual.

The sturdy and stable-looking logo transmits a sense of confidence and reassurance, letting consumers know that PETIO products and services are trustworthy and will never fail to meet their high expectations. The tail added to the last letter of the word expresses the joy of living with a pet. Meanwhile the strong and vibrant 'PETIO Red' symbolizes the vigor of your precious pet's existence.

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- Brand Identity Manual
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