BRAVIS intends to consider what we can do one by one and take ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) into consideration.

Activities for a sustainable society

BRAVIS will implement activities to realize a sustainable society as a company that supports clients’ manufacturing and proposes optimal solutions for making things. Based on the 17 goals of the SDGs set by the United Nations, we will consider and implement what we can do one by one.

  1. By continually providing our clients with new insights and ideas, we bring innovation to people’s lives and the technologies, products, and services that support them.
  2. Whenever it is necessary to make proposals that include materials such as package design, etc., the company will actively implement proposals that take into account materials that use environmental technologies or that take technologies into account depending on the environment.
  3. Reduce wasteful use of resources. Use recyclable resources as much as possible.

b-smile Action

BRAVIS, as a branding agency, will brand the activity itself to promote the activity and inspire voluntary action by involving all employees.

– Never Give Up
– Trust and Team Power
– Good Design is Good Business
– Enjoy what you love to do
– Every day is a continuation