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Delicious seasonal flavors in a package

The Vegetable Life 100 Smoothie Series uses 1/2 a day’s worth of vegetables in each bottle. With no added sugar, sweeteners, or thickeners, this series offers an easy, delicious way to supplement missing nutrients, and each year seasonal flavors are released, with Bravis in charge of package design development.

The winter-only release in November 2022 is a sweet and sour flavor made with Saga’s new “Ichigo-san” brand and wild blueberries.

A major point in developing the packaging this time was how to convey a sense of seasonality on the package while ensuring a sense of quality and deliciousness from the use of carefully selected fruits.

The design with a large, glossy, lush “strawberry” in the foreground and fruit falling with snow from above conveys the seasonal ingredients and deliciousness of winter in a straightforward manner. The snowman icon is a friendly reminder that this is a winter-only product.