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Nescafe Ko-mi-baisen was launched in 1998 as an original brand in Japan. Characterized by its rich aroma and full-bodied flavor, the brand has been loved by people who are particular about the quality of their coffee.

However, in response to increasing demand for a more refreshing taste with less bitterness, the brand will undergo a major renewal in 2023 as “Nescafe Ko-mi-baisen Hitotoki no Luxury”. It was necessary to express a more refreshing taste while maintaining the rich aroma created by Nestlé’s unique manufacturing process.

The new product was targeted at women in their 30’s. “Women who are busy with household chores and work are the target group,” said the company. The packaging was designed to express a sense of luxury for a moment, in line with the communication message, “We want women who are busy with housework and work to return to their true selves and enjoy what they love to do in a relaxed atmosphere.

The “flame,” which represents the unique rising aroma of Nescafe Ko-mi-baisen, and the striking blue color are retained in the current packaging as the brand’s equity. The gold accents on the packaging emphasize the authenticity of the coffee.

The packaging also plays a role in conveying the concept of the brand in the current commercials with the catchphrase, “The rich aroma, a moment for me.