Nestlé Japan
  • - Package design development

Renewal aimed at revitalizing brand image

Nescafe EXCELLA coffee has been consumed more than 250 billion cups in total because it allows people to enjoy the deep richness and aroma of freshly ground coffee in the comfort of their own home. The red mug is a representative of Nestlé’s coffee brand. Because the most common time to drink coffee is in the morning, and because EXCELLA dissolves quickly even with cold milk, it tends to be drunk in the morning when people are busy.

In this context, we revamped the package design to strengthen the appeal to women in their 30s and 40s, the main target group. The main point of the renewal was to strengthen morning communication to brighten the target group’s daily life as much as possible.

The package design follows the image of EXCELLA up to now, using “black” but adding brightness to the existing package by depicting a scene of the morning sun coming up and the morning glow. It expresses a positive morning. The copy, “Dissolves quickly in milk and smells great,” uses a handwritten font to make it look familiar as an everyday brand, and the freshly ground aroma that is characteristic of EXCELLA is expressed with steam to convey a sense of deliciousness.

The brand’s signature “red mug” is also prominently displayed in a larger size than before, strengthening the impression of the brand’s identity. For the stick coffee, we are conscious of maintaining the same impression as the outer package, even when the contents are individually packaged.

The theme of the new stick coffee is “Give Your Heart a Boost. The commercial starring Aya Matsuura, who is a famous actress, was a big hit, and the renewal, combined with the commercial and website communication, has strengthened the brand image of EXERA as a morning coffee.