Junlebao Dairy
  • - Package design development

Urban and modern “drinkable yogurt” for your life

China’s Junlebao Dairy was founded in 1995 with yogurt production as its main business. Today, the company owns 10 dairy farms and 60,000 dairy cows in China.

The main product of Kunlebao Dairy, Purjoy, is a brand of drinkable yogurt created in 2013. The brand is characterized by its high quality, with professionals working on the product and tens of thousands of people conducting tasting tests before its launch. The Purjoy brand has been renewed to “use natural ingredients” and “no additives. This has earned the brand the “International SGS Certification (CSTC STANDARDS TECHNICAL SERVICE COL, LTD.),” the only drinkable yogurt in Japan to receive this certification, which is granted only to products with high quality and safety.

The brand’s minimalist design is based on the color white, as “pure” (additive-free) is currently the most important appealing point of the brand. There are four flavors: Original, White Peach + Oat, Green Apple + Hadaka Oat, and Cheese, and each sizzle is represented in a round shape for a simple yet iconic look. Each sizzle has a simple, iconic, round shape, and a point color that frames the sizzle to make it easy to distinguish each flavor and to accentuate its individuality.

The outer edge of the point color is covered with a ripple-like shadow to express the deliciousness of the drinkable yogurt. The packaging takes this into consideration and is designed to give a simple and sophisticated impression to everyone. The brand has evolved into a brand that people naturally want to incorporate into their daily lives.