• - Package design development

A New Breeze in the Industry

Kirin Ichiban Shibori Sugar 0″ was the first beer in Japan with zero sugar content. Braavis developed the package design for this product, which brought a new twist and surprise to the beer industry.

The product was a brand with characteristics that had never existed before, so it was necessary to express the novelty of the beer as well as the fact that it was a product of the Ichiban Shibori brand.

We decided to follow the DNA of Ichiban Shibori, which includes the holy beast, golden band, and droplet mark, to express the face of Ichiban Shibori. We also adopted the brand color blue, which has never been used before, to express the novelty of the beer and the sense of luxury that comes from the combination of a tasteless taste and health functionality.

By adding a sense of luxury to the authenticity, modernity, and naturalness of the brand, we have created the one and only Ichiban Shibori.