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A Titan among Telecoms

In October 2000, KDDI Corporation (KDDI) was formed through the strategic merger of Daini-Denden Corporation and KDD Corporation Japan Mobile Communications Inc. in order to form a force that could compete with NTT Group, capable of providing effective and efficient services through synergy effects by becoming a comprehensive communications carrier with seamless coverage of all domestic regions in all mobile, domestic and international fields.

Creative Response
Bravis was commissioned to develop a corporate identity (CI) design for the new company. The bold, uppercase logotype developed by Bravis asserts that KDDI is the best in the industry. The brand’s blue color evokes a futuristic, high-tech feel, while at the same time conveying reliability and security. The graphic element of an arc across the company name represents a portion of the earth as seen from outer space, expressing KDDI as a comprehensive telecommunications company that operates globally and seamlessly in all areas of mobile, domestic, and international business.