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Enjoying the whole cacao, Kit Kat’s regular product is now available

“KitKat Mini High Cacao Plus” released by KitKat in winter 2021 is the world’s first Kit Kat with cacao nibs kneaded into 72% cacao high cacao chocolate.

This is the first time “Kit Kat Whole Grain Biscuit in” has been released as a regular product from this brand instead of a seasonal product. The Strategy & Consulting Division of Bravis was in charge of strategic support and the creative team was in charge of package design development, with the aim of expanding the number of Kit Kat users.

The background for the launch of this product was the recent health-conscious boom in the chocolate market. Among these, high cacao chocolate products have been launched one after another, and the key point was how to differentiate the product from competing products.

We continued to search for a way to express the delicious taste and enjoyment of eating Kit Kat while maintaining the healthiness of high cacao chocolate, and ultimately adopted a package that expressed the nutrition derived from nature.

The name “Marugoto” includes the whole food concept of using all the ingredients, and is directly expressed in a circle graphic that evokes “Marugoto,” with cacao as the main visual element. The Kit Kat logo is also designed with similar elements instead of the usual oval shape, making it stand out among regular products. The hand-drawn font and the texture of the kraft paper give the overall package design a natural, not-too-modified look and a wild, whole-tasting feel.

Another unique feature of this product is that it is kneaded with “cacao nibs,” which are finely ground cacao beans that have been roasted. Therefore, the cacao nibs were iconized along with the “CACAO 72%” sign. The combination of Kit Kat wafers and cacao nibs expresses the new texture that can be enjoyed.

This product, which combines both health and taste, recorded sales about double the sales target and got off to a good start as a new regular product under the Kit Kat brand.