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Now it’s time to win the crown. Limited Winter Olympics Package

In the winter of 2022, the Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China.

As a designated sponsor of the Winter Sports Athletic Administration Center of the General Administration of Sports of China, which oversees sports in China, food manufacturer 康师傅 developed a designated food product to be served to athletes. The company was in charge of the package design.

This product is a carefully handmade product for the athletes, a well-balanced instant food with high-quality ingredients. Therefore, a special design was required to differentiate it from regular instant noodle foods. Since the product is aimed at athletes, the logo was created with a gold medal motif to lift their spirits toward the Beijing Olympics, and was finished in an imposing and powerful manner.

The brand logo was shaped to resemble the lid of a ramen cup to give the product a unique look that only 师康 can achieve. To emphasize the product’s large ingredients, a sizzling scene of a ladle being used to scoop up the ingredients is used. Furthermore, to create a sense of exclusivity, an image of a ski player is inserted.

The energy and flamboyance of many athletes holding the product in their hands and aiming for the crown of a gold medal is captured in the design.

To support the athletes and Olympic support staff, Kang师傅 opened a restaurant in the athletes’ village, the Crown军食堂, to provide nutritious meals free of charge. The front of the cafeteria was decorated with objects from the “冠军食堂” Winter Olympics limited edition package, and the gold medal motif of the package inspired the morale of many athletes.