• - Service brand concept development
  • - Service brand logo development
  • - Service brand business regulation
  • - Service name rule development
  • - Group philosophy development
  • - Corporate identity development
  • - Corporate slogan
  • - Application design
  • - Design manual

Diversified services, corporate brand rebranding

Park24 Co., Ltd. was approaching the 50th anniversary of its founding, and had expanded its business from the top brand of hourly parking to car sharing, car rental, and payment services. With overseas expansion underway, further business development was expected at the new stage, and the Times brand needed to be strengthened accordingly.

As the company further expands its business, it was essential to define the Times brand in line with its vision of growing to a new stage, evolve its visuals, and clarify the scope of its use in order to achieve unified communication across a wide variety of channels.

Bravis therefore undertook a major rebranding effort to organize and strengthen the service brand “Times” and the corporate brand “Park24. We defined the service brand “Times” as “a brand that provides a comfortable mobility life” and proposed the concept “Mobility Link”. For the logo, we took over the yellow and black color scheme and italicized font from the old design, which was derived from the diamond-shaped signboard of a parking lot, and developed a simple and powerful design that stripped away unnecessary elements to make it easy to use across a wide range of touch points, including car rental and car sharing. In addition, a “Times + generic name” rule was established for the service name to create a structure that concentrates the brand power by making the unique name Times only.

Meanwhile, for the corporate brand, a new symbol mark was developed to enhance the symbolism of the corporate name “Park24,” as the number of Group companies overseas is increasing. The dynamic corporate image of creating infrastructure was dynamically designed to evoke the “connection” between Park24 and consumers, between various services and consumers, and between services and services, and a sense of sophistication was achieved through the use of an intelligent blue color.

In addition, the new Park24 Group philosophy, “Responding to the times, delivering comfort that is ahead of its time.” The new corporate slogan, “We make life better – Comfort that is taken for granted, one after another. We also established the corporate slogan, “We make life better – Comfort that is taken for granted, one after another.