• - Corporate identity development

Logo expressing the bond between the two companies. Supporting a new step forward

SCSK was formed through the merger of Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation (SCS), an information service provider, and CSK Corporation.

At the time of the merger, strategic IT investments to improve productivity and secure competitive advantage, as well as the establishment of a global IT system structure, were becoming urgent needs for corporate activities, and needs for IT services were rapidly changing to become more diverse and advanced.

Therefore, the two companies combined their human and technological resources through the merger. The decision was made to create an industry-leading company that could meet all customer needs. By combining SCS’s expertise in supporting IT systems and networks around the world with CSK’s customer base developed as a leading independent company in the IT services industry, a full-line global IT services company was born.

Bravis was in charge of developing a corporate logo for the new merged company, believing that it was important for SCS and CSK to create synergies and become one company with a strong spiritual bond, so we developed a corporate logo that would serve as proof of the bond between the two companies. The solid and powerful word mark appeals to the confidence and trust that SCS and CSK have in each other as one company, and in their ability to provide a full lineup of IT services in the future.

The firmly connected “C” and “S” not only symbolize the bond between “SCS” and “CSK,” but also the “Customer Satisfaction” that we continue to create with our innovative “Computer Service. The advanced and stable solid blue color also aims to create a sense of the future that SCSK is creating and its expansion. The simple design, with excellent visibility and global applicability, is also timeless and durable, creating an imposing appearance befitting a new company that will pioneer the future of the industry.