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Localized design and a big hit locally

Unicharm’s “Super Comfortable Mask SMART COLOR” became a major topic of conversation, especially on SNS, and at one point was so popular that it was difficult to purchase in stores. In China, the Silcot brand is sold as the “Small Face Mask” and has gained support mainly among the younger generation. BRAVIS was in charge of package design and development for the “Kogao-ni-mie Mask(Masks that make your face look smaller).

The “Super Comfortable Mask SMART COLOR” became a hot topic in Japan, which triggered a strong response in China as well, especially on SNS. This product has created a huge movement, with many people purchasing and sending it to their acquaintances living in Japan. As in Japan, the product has been well received by many people for its skin-friendliness, breathability, and the V-shaped shape that fits the face to give the appearance of a smaller face.

The package design is based on the dark blue color that is the asset of the Silcot brand, and gold is used as a subtle color to create a sense of luxury. In addition, a catchy logo representing a V-shape and a product illustration of the mask are placed prominently in the center of the package to make it easy to understand at a glance what kind of product it is. Graphics around the mask express the product’s features of high breathability and lightness.

Bravis has undertaken many projects to localize Japanese product brands for the Chinese market, with the participation of local staff in the Shanghai office.