Nestlé Japan
  • - Package design development

Friendship and Premium

Nescafe Gold Blend Adult Reward, a stick mix that makes it easy to enjoy authentic café menu items simply by adding hot water, is the most premium brand among Nescafe’s mixed stick products.

In order to differentiate themselves from the competition, they needed to maintain the familiarity of the Cold Blend brand, while appealing to a sense of luxury and appealing taste in everyday life.

The renewed design features “NESTLE GOLD BREND” and the brand name panel at the top of the front panel to express the familiarity of the Gold Blend brand. The fluid sizzle of the cup mixed with the milk and the simple coloring that matches the taste evoke the luxurious and rich taste of the product.

The design is designed with an awareness of future development potential, making the product stand out more prominently on shelves when it is widely displayed side by side, and creating a sense of unity as a brand.

In addition, a gift box will be available in the winter of 2021. The back of the package plays with the idea of creating a single picture when connected together, and represents a winter scene that makes you want to drink Nescafe Gold Blend Otona-no-gohobi.