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New Value Appeal in the Commodity Market

The cooking oil market in Thailand was extremely numerous and crowded with both major and local brands. It was also a commoditized situation, with many brands’ package designs utilizing sizzling green and yellow as the main colors.

PPP GREEN COMPLEX, a manufacturer and seller of palm oil in Thailand, decided to launch a new oil brand, and Bravis was in charge of package design development.

In Thailand, palm oil is considered a business tool that influences better lives. This is why the new brand was named “MeeSook,” which means “good things happen” in Thai.

As mentioned earlier, cooking oil brand packaging has become commoditized, and in order to differentiate the brand from the competition, the strategy was to establish a strong brand image by embodying the “good things” that the brand name “MeeSook” implies. The strategy was to establish a strong brand image by embodying the “good things” that come with the MeeSook brand name. We were also conscious of the Thai people’s strong interest in divination and the sacred.

The brand logo is based on a Thai motif, with infinity (∞) in the lettering to express the meaning of bringing eternal happiness. The background is also patterned with a series of infinities (∞) to create the image of everlasting happiness, and the palm leaves in the shape of panels express that the brand uses natural materials.

The palm leaves in the shape of the panel represent the use of natural materials. The design is intended to appeal to new values in a market that has become commoditized through the appeal of physical properties.